Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Where would i live?

The world is a wondrous place. If family, money and a job were not a factor, where would you most like to live? Why? What are the factors, to you, that make a great place to live? What do you like or not like about where you live currently?

This is a very tough question as there is so many places i would love to live and visit. I guess if money was no object then i would start of by visiting Norway. Here i spend my time exploring there approach to early years and visit as many forest schools as possible. Then i would move on to Italy and spend time gaining a good understanding and knowledge of there early years-Reggio Emilia.

After that i guess i wouldn't know where to go. You see i am very much a family person. i love living close to all my family and i would miss them if i were to move away. However, my boyfriend, matt doesn't have the same feelings and if truth be known he would love to get as far as way as possible from Gateshead and in particular England. He hates how people are so materialistic and i kind of feel the same way.

We do splash out on holidays etc both find its the littles things we do that matter most. Even when i am with my godson and his siblings, they love nothing better than getting messy and this simply involves paint and thats all you need. The produce some excellent art work and prefer this to me splashing out on expensive gifts for them.

I ain't always keen on the British weather but i find the heat too much for me at times. I know if my boyfriend had his way we would move to the atlantic where we would spend our time doing the march of the penguins with them.

I guess i don't really know where i would go to live permantly and i'll just ahve to wait and see where the wind takes me.

Where would i live?

Today's blog promt comes from UKScrappers and the question is....

The world is a wondrous place. If family, money and a job were not a factor, where would you most like to live? Why? What are the factors, to you, that make a great place to live? What do you like or not like about where you live currently?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Well my lovely readers i am off on my jolly holidays and will provide a full update when i return on the 21st

Monday, May 29, 2006

Blog explosion

Well i have decided to take the plunge and join the world of blog explosion. Hopefully it might mean a few more will read my blog and encourage me to explore others blogs too

Friday, May 26, 2006

Bugs and shopping

Are you one of those people that always seem to be struck down by everyone elses bugs. It would seem that i have developed yet another bug. not sue what really. I am normally struck down by a cold but i don't seem to be bunged up like i normally am. I just ache so much from head to toe, have extremely painful stomach cramps and feel sick.

But i am so glad that i have been struck down with a dreaded bug now rather than on my holidays. Though i will garuantee that i will arrive back from my holidays and be struck down with a dreaded cold. I never fail

Well i have been busy trying to get things sorted for my holidays. I have some euros but i still need some clothes, so will have to go shopping yet again. Oh how i love shopping, espicially for stash but i ain't too keen on shoe shopping. I particular hate shoe shopping with Matt. He always goes back to the first shop that we went in but he drags me around the Town and then again around the metrocentre, only to drag me back to the town. Now me i often go for flat shoes and always have a pair in mind before buying.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The real world

Well firstly would just like to say i haven't been around much as i decided that i would be nice and go in and do overtime at work today.

Normally i only work 6am till 9:45am Tues and thurs. While 7 1/2 hours doesn't seem much i also had uni to contend with until last week. Now i have decided to work overtime in order to gain extra spending money for my hols. I have however been working until 1pm. I am also thinking that it will help to prepare me for the real world in July.

Although i am 21 i have never worked full time even in the hoidays. I left 6th form and headed straight to uni. The maximum hours i have ever worked is 21. However, i know that i need to enter that big wild world sooner or later but have tried to hold back as long as possible and i am waiting until after my hols before applying for any jobs. I certinley not looking forward to it at all but i guess its a fact of life, unless i win the lottery some day.

I wouldn't mind work as long as it was a job i loved.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I don't particular like Tuesday but its only because i have to go to work. I love my job just hate the company i work for. However, i am waiting until i get back of my holidays before looking for a full time job.

I decided to cheer myself up today. Tesco's have 20% of their womens clothing, accessories, shoes and even lingere. I have had my eye on a skirt for three weeks so decided that the offer was too good to resist. So i actually bought two skirts which will be ideal for my holidays.

Not been up to much else otherwise

Monday, May 22, 2006

Well i thought i would share this pic with you'stoday. I am desperate to scrap it but just don't know what to do with it.

Well today is a wet and miserable day, nothing new there i guess then. Luckily for me it is just over two weeks for my holidays and i really hope that we don't have any rain.

I am off out today. Going to visit my friend who i orginally met at Canny Crafts. As we live close together we decided to meet up and since then i try and visit when i can. I think its fab to have something in common with someone and be able to meet up and talk about scrapping lol

I also must remember to buy some playing cards today. I have been braved and have decided to join in with the fairy ATC swap at UKScrappers. But for the last week i have been reminding myself that i need to buy some cards but being Ms Forget Me Knot, i have so far failed to remember them. I will probably arrive home out with them again today.

But the ATC swap brings me to my other love of fairies, espicially Tinkerbell. I have decided that i would love a tattoo of her on my shoulder with Sassy written under it. I even paid £50 for a Tinkerbell comforter to be shipped to me from America, i paid more in postage then i did for the actual blanket, but i love it. I am even trying desperatly to persuade matt to take me to Florida nect year but i am still working on it

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